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Metal mining in Kazakhstan

Nowadays there are 65 elements in the Earth’s crust which are refer to metals according to their properties. Most of them are used for human needs. The Kazakhstan Republic is rich in mineral resources. It holds leading positions among CIS countries on deposits of chromite ores. Therefore, metal and mining industry here is growing constantly.

All metals are divided into two main groups – ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are represented by iron and iron-based alloys such as chromium and manganese. Ferrous metals hold the lead positions in metal and mining industry production. The alloys contain carbon, manganese, sulphur and other elements.

Аluminum and magnesium are considered to be a part of light metals’ group. There are also large deposits of aluminum and silicium in Kazakhstan. Aluminum is a lightweight metal and possesses corrosion resistance characteristics. It’s used in the production of mirrors, foil etc. Metals and mining companies extract the aluminum on the territory of North Kazakhstan.

Non-ferrous metallurgy produces metal mining from ores of copper, lead, zinc, tin, arsenic, antimony and mercury. Lead is a widespread metal used in military industry, medicine and engineering industry. The exploration and extraction of the lead in Kazakhstan is carried out by mining and exploration companies on the territory of Rudny Altai as well as South and Central Kazakhstan.

Copper is frequently used in metals and mining sector, machine engineering, production of computers, TVs etc. Main raw materials bases of mining copper are located in central and north-eastern parts of the country.

Precious metals exploration and mining are one of the main sources of Kazakhstan’s gold reserves replenishment. Gold and silver extraction gave a boost to the branches of the mining industry. Mining of precious metals has a great value throughout the world. Therefore, the country has many gold and silver mining companies to invest in. There is about 4% of world’s gold reserve located on the territory of the country. Professional companies know how to mine metal and have all necessary equipment for this purpose.

Metal mining company GC Kazspecgeology LTD

GC Kazspecgeology LTD is a commercial company which provides projecting, exploration services of metal ores. The organization has great practical experience in the sphere as well as a creative potential which helps to carry out extensive geological research, including for rare earth metals mining. Professional resources of GC Kazspecgeology LTD are represented by qualified specialists.

The structure of the company includes geological and transportation departments which are responsible for all the stages involved in metals exploration throughout Kazakhstan. The choice of the techniques and proper equipment for precious metals exploration depends directly on field conditions and requires the professional approach.

Exchange Rate "The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

  • 1 USD - 364.95 KZT
  • 1 EUR - 416.99 KZT
  • 1 RUB - 5.55 KZT

* Information relevant to the 21.11.2018

Stock quotes LME

  • Al - 2038.50 USD
  • Cu - 6119.50 USD
  • Ni - 13630.00 USD
  • Sn - 19550.00 USD
  • Pb - 2091.50 USD
  • Zn - 2552.00 USD

* Quotes for precious metals are per troy