The development of the enterprise is related to the prospects of working on the design of works for the exploration and production of metal minerals.


For performing search operations, the enterprise uses traditional and new methods of searching for metallic minerals.


The enterprise is in a position to ensure the fulfillment of any requirements for the exploration of metallic minerals, beginning with a preliminary reconnaissance and up to the production stage.


The mining service of the enterprise has a large production experience in the drilling of prospecting and exploration and exploitation workings. To carry out prospecting, exploration and mining operations, the company uses its own machinery and equipment.

Exploration company GC Kazspecgeology LTD

GC Kazspecgeology LTD commercial company provides a wide range of services including planning, prospecting and explore metallic mineral resources. The organization has not only a creative potential but also a great experience in practical activities which allows carrying out extensive exploration geology works for its own needs or for potential clients.

Over the years of productive work, the company has completed a number of geological exploration and mining works. Professional resources of GC Kazspecgeology LTD are presented by qualified specialists which makes it one of the best exploration companies to invest in. Owning a state license for work on subsoil use sites the company is able to carry out different activities connected with planning and carrying out geological exploration and mining operations on mineral deposits. Currently, the company provides the following mineral exploration services:

  • Planning, associated with extraction of solid minerals;
  • Project formulation (search, exploration, mining of deposits);
  • Preparation of a technical and economic justification of projects involved with exploration and extraction of solid minerals;
  • Conducting technological works directly in the fields;
  • Exploration of mineral resources, geological works support.

Investing in mining minerals in Kazakhstan

With a perfect location between two continents, stable economy and diverse natural resources the Republic of Kazakhstan provides an attractive investment environment. The subsoil of the Republic contains ores of all main types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Mineral mining companies in Kazakhstan extract different minerals out of more than 5 thousand deposits across the region. The world’s largest deposits of chromium, iron, lead and molybdenum can be found here. Mining of metal ores in the country is a top priority. The macroeconomic, political and social stability along with favorable geographic position make Kazakhstan one of the most attractive countries for investing in the mining of minerals.

Mineral resources of the republic are rich and diverse. There are more than 80 periodic table elements can be found on the territory of Kazakhstan. Products - precious metals - are among the main resources for replenishment of reserve assets in the country. Rich gold deposits of the republic contain 4% of world’s gold reserves. With proper mining investment, the region will be able to produce about 100 tons of gold in a year. Nowadays the country produces only 1% of its underground wealth. Therefore, investing in gold mining in Kazakhstan provides numerous opportunities for foreign investors.

A large number of international companies make their contribution in mining rare earth metals due to a favorable investment climate. With the world’s sixth mineral diversity and attractive conditions for investment in mining companies, Kazakhstan cooperates with numerous foreign organizations.

Kazakhstan’s mining companies

Nowadays the government of Kazakhstan provides a lot of opportunities for foreign investors by reducing administrative barriers, protecting foreign investments and simplifying procedures. Therefore, investing in mining companies of Kazakhstan has become much easier for of investors. It helps to decrease investment risks and protect finances. Foreign mining and exploration companies are provided with the national resident status which provides them with the same rights as domestic companies. Foreign companies know how to invest in mining stocks and make profits in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mineral mining industry of Kazakhstan is growing rapidly nowadays and GC Kazspecgeology LTD provides an opportunity to invest in the mineral resources of the country without unreasonable expenses.

Exchange Rate "The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

  • 1 USD - 463.09 KZT
  • 1 EUR - 504.86 KZT
  • 1 RUB - 5.21 KZT

* Information relevant to the 27.11.2020