Mining of rare earth metal

Rare earth metals are a group consisting of 17 elements of the periodic table. Unlike oil and gas, these metals do not attract as much attention however, they are extremely important. The elements are used in the production of almost any modern equipment or device (smartphones, computers, laser devices etc.). Currently, China and the USA are leading rare earth metals’ exporters. However, the Kazakhstan Republic has a huge potential when it comes to mining rare earth metals. The country has significant rare earth metals reserves in order to become competitive. Based on these facts, it’s logical to assume that investing in mining rare earth metals in Kazakhstan is extremely profitable.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has deposits of rare-earth metals, in whose ores contains the following elements:

  • Europium
  • Praseodymium
  • Cerium
  • Lanthanum
  • Gadolinium
  • Erbium
  • Thulium
  • Ytterbium
  • Yttrium
  • Neodymium
  • Samarium
  • Terbium
  • Dysprosium
  • Holmium
  • Lutetium
  • Scandium

Metal mining of these elements is extremely important for modern technologies.

Nowadays the rare earth metals market is estimated at 3 to 5 billion dollars and the number is expected to double by 2020. Being the world’s biggest uranium producer, Kazakhstan has all the chances to become a more reliable rare earth metals supplier than China. So, investing in rare earth metals mining now is a great opportunity for investors to increase their capital in the future.

Invest in rare earth metals

The value of various types of mineral raw materials’ deposits in Kazakhstan is created not only by their main components but also a number of rare and dispersed elements, the associated extraction of which while rare earth metal mining is possible with the complex processing of ores. Rare metals deposits also has been found in the republic of Kazakhstan. The main value in Kazakhstan is complex tungsten-molybdenum deposits for industrial development, which have not been developed for a long time because of the poor quality of ores. In connection with the increase in prices for tungsten-molybdenum products in recent years, the inflow of investment in rare earth metals, as well as development of rare metal deposits have become more active.

For Kazakhstan, rare earth metals investments and the production of rare and rare-earth metals is a promising area of industrial-innovative development aimed at creating high-tech industries in the country with high redistribution. In 3-5 years perspective, rare earth metals mining companies from Kazakhstan are able to get leading positions among suppliers of rare earth elements to other countries making investing in rare earth metals done today a powerful and profitable tool of investor’s financial freedom tomorrow.

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  • 1 RUB - 5.21 KZT

* Information relevant to the 27.11.2020

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