Natural resources of Kazakhstan

The country has large fossil fuel reserves and numerous deposits of minerals metals including copper, zinc and uranium. Kazakhstan resources and mining industries have a direct impact on the country’s economy because it exports about 89% of mineral products. Oil and gas commodities provide the most production value.

Natural resources of Kazakhstan include deposits of:

  • Metals. The region has numerous deposits of ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals. The country has around 4% of world’s gold reserves as well as significant reserves silver. The chromium production constitute for 16% of world mining which makes the country the third largest producer in the world. Kazakhstan is also known for mining aluminum and titanium required for the production of modern technics. The region is the tenth largest producer of copper in the world and one of the biggest producers of titanium, cadmium and magnesium. The uranium produced in the country is being exported because of the lack of nuclear power plants. Central and North-Eastern parts of Kazakhstan have main geological source bases for mine exploration of metals.
  • Fossil fuels. Mineral resources in Kazakhstan include large deposits of fossil fuels including coal, oil and gas. The region has also rich gas and oil reserves and produces about 4 million barrels per day. The main oil and gas reserves are located in the western and central parts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Coal deposits are located, mainly, in the central region of the republic.
  • Industrialminerals. Minerals of Kazakhstan also include many industrial minerals such as asbestos, barite, gypsum and limestone etc.

Evaluating natural resource investment

With a stable economy, favorable business climate and rich mineral diversity Kazakhstan is a great country for investing in natural resources. Numerous mining companies mine minerals out of more than 5000 deposits throughout the area. There are more than 80 elements of the periodic table found on the territory of Kazakhstan including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. While evaluating natural resources investments it’s wise to pay attention to indicators the mining of precious metals in the country. Kazakhstan is wide open to natural resources investing and mineral exploration as many deposits of gold, silver, silicon etc are still undiscovered.

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Exchange Rate "The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

  • 1 USD - 370.11 KZT
  • 1 EUR - 419.37 KZT
  • 1 RUB - 5.58 KZT

* Information relevant to the 13.12.2018

Stock quotes LME

  • Al - 2038.50 USD
  • Cu - 6119.50 USD
  • Ni - 13630.00 USD
  • Sn - 19550.00 USD
  • Pb - 2091.50 USD
  • Zn - 2552.00 USD

* Quotes for precious metals are per troy