Precious metal mining

The Republic of Kazakhstan is rich in mineral resources. The region has numerous deposits of ferrous, nonferrous and precious metals. This is why industrial enterprises are aimed at metal mining. Non-ferrous metallurgy takes about 12% of the whole industrial production of the country. Kazakhstan is one of the world’s leading precious metals mining countries.

Mining of gold in the country is constantly growing. There are many gold deposits in the region but only some of them are being exploited. Mining of precious metals is mostly carried out in the eastern and northern regions of Kazakhstan. In general, there are about 14 significant gold fields.

Silver deposits in the country have long been underestimated. However, recent data shows that there are more than 250 silver fields in Kazakhstan. It’s a unique territory that has the largest silver ores diversity. Taking into account Kazakhstan’s mineral richness and favorable business conditions, investing in precious metals mining is a perspective direction allowing reaching high profitability.

Best precious metals to invest in

Undoubtedly, the best precious metals to invest in are gold and silver. Assessing the prospects for the development of Kazakhstan gold and silver mining for the near and medium term (10-15 years), it is possible to confidently note the resumption of investment in precious metals activity largely due to the adoption of a new Subsoil Code and the accepting international reserves counting systems.

In the conditions of the current modernization of Kazakhstan, special attention is given to the development of the basic industries - mining and metallurgy; and oil and gas complexes. To attract foreign investments and transfer new technologies to geological exploration, Kazakhstan actively establishes cooperation with the world's leading companies in the field of mining and geological exploration. In addition, work is underway with companies considering precious metals as an investment from Turkey, Japan, America, and Iran to implement projects for exploration of:

Gold resources of Kazakhstan are estimated at 1800 tons, reserves of about 800 tons. At the same time, the reserves of the developed deposits of the main mining enterprises are enough for active extraction for a term from 10 to 80 years. The rapid growth of gold prices in the last years has provided a powerful boost to the development of gold mining in Kazakhstan attracting investors interested in stable and long-term invest precious metals.

Exchange Rate "The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

  • 1 USD - 463.09 KZT
  • 1 EUR - 504.86 KZT
  • 1 RUB - 5.21 KZT

* Information relevant to the 27.11.2020

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